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Work Online From Home

Yes !  It is possible to earn an extra income without investing money.  Work online, work from home. Use your existing  internet connection and the techniques listed below to start your own internet based business. The amount you earn depends entirely upon the amount of time & effort you put forth creating and submitting your site.              NO Investment Required.  work online  work from home  Click Here For More Details    FAQ:    Frequently Asked Questions

People are using the Internet for shopping more and more these days. With the click of a mouse they can  choose and purchase the products they want and have the order delivered to their front door. Internet shopping often provides a greater selection, lower prices & more information. However, the biggest attraction is convenience. No more standing in lines, No Hassles!  Become an affiliate and work online from home advertising for name brand merchants such as  Walmart, Target, Avon, Macy's, Sears  & many more!

  . ..............               Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Success 


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 Step 1    Create a website

Creating a website is not as difficult as you may think. There are many inexpensive programs available that will simplify the task.  Many webhosting servers provide free web templates, website builders and  free domain names when you host your website on their servers. Click Here For More Details  Read more about webhosting and domain names at the bottom of this table. 

 Step 2    Join Free Affiliate Programs

What is an affiliate Program?  An Affiliate Program is a company who has partnered with online businesses such as Walmart, Target, Macy's, Avon, etc. When you join an affiliate program like LinkShare they will provide links and banners for you to insert into your webpage. You will earn a commission every time a visitor on your site clicks one of the links and makes a purchase.  Click here  to sign up for a free linkshare affiliate membership

Step 3    Promote Your Website

Finally, submit  your site to the major search engines then sit back and collect the commission checks each month. Remember, traffic generates sales and commissions !  Many search engines allow free submissions.  Scrubtheweb  allows one free site submission per day. However, the quickest way to get your site listed in the major search engines is to pay for inclusion. Search Listings are the best way to advertise online and to get visitors to your website.   Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, AltaVista and CNN. Sign up and get a $25 credit.

More about Web Hosting  &  Domain Names

Domain Names  - Having a domain name is not a requirement but it will establish you as a professional entrepreneur. Choose a catchy domain name that is easy to remember and your visitors will probably return to your site again and again.

Web Hosting - Selecting a dependable host is crucial. It does not matter how fantastic your site is, if the server hosting it is down, people will not see it. After your webpage is created, you must decide where to upload it.  You may choose to host your site on a  free server.   The negative aspects to using a free server are as follows:  

  •  Free Servers usually  place an advertising banner or pop up banner at the top of your page. These banners will cause your page to load slower.

  •  They may remove your page at anytime without notice.  After your site is removed,  you will have to update all of your affiliate links, upload it to another server then resubmit it to the search engines.

    Initially, I only used free web hosting.  However, after several of my webpages were removed because they were getting too much traffic and surpassed the free bandwidth limit, I decided to upload new pages to my paid server.    This page is hosted on a free server, which means it may not be here tomorrow.   So, if you want access to this information later please add the following site to your favorites...... 

      StartLogic - Affordable Webhosting StartLogic Webhosting offers Free setup/domain, Web builder, unlimited emails,  From $4.95/month.


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